'GRID MINI' Wire Fruit Bowl

$20 $25

Great things come in small packages. Like this mini version of our infamous fruit bowl. Perfect for smaller kitchens or those who simply prefer to eat smaller fruit.


**Size: **240mm x 240mm

• Made from powder coated steel

• Designed for smaller citrus fruits

Clean with soft cloth, warm water and dishwashing detergent. Avoid using metal scourer as this may scratch the coating.

A wire fruit basket is the answer to your fruit storage woes. It keeps the fruits at room temperature and fresher for a long time.

Seasonal fruits in a basket can be just as aesthetically pleasing as a posy of flowers in the home. Having them on display in a wire basket can make them last longer. The air circulating around the fruits disperse the natural gasses that emanate from the fruits. When trapped, these gasses cause fruit to ripen at a rapid rate.

Contrary to what you might have heard, most fruits do not need to be refrigerated at all, with berries being the only exception.

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