About Bendo

Sometimes it’s the elephant in the room, the huge, colourful elephant made from chicken wire and accompanied by a ridiculously hefty price tag, that convinces you gifts are getting a tad overpriced.
And this is exactly what prompted the inspiration for newcomer to the market, Bendo.

Well-designed with a welcoming price tag is just the beginning, as these refreshingly bright homeware items are as pretty as they are ingenious; there’s something immensely satisfying about seeing a single piece of wire transformed into a fully functional product.

The debut range features an array of items including wine racks, lamp shades, fruit bowls and wall art, as well as the stand-out giant paperclip coat hooks. Each Pop Art piece is a reasonably-priced delight, making Bendo products a desirable gift for any space.

The dynamic duo behind Bendo have always fostered an appreciation for bursts of colour and beautiful homewares. Kristian, a qualified industrial designer, is also the owner and creative director of a successful Melbourne design agency, while Annabelle comes from a photography background, working as a graphic designer in both London and Melbourne, and marketing for some of the world’s leading brands.

Their design skills, vibrance and enthusiasm comes together in the Bendo brand, delivering products that make your heart sing and your wallet thank you.


Feel free to contact Bendo at sales@superjunk.com.au for more information.