'POT' Big Indoor Plant Pot

$24 $80

A big plant makes a big statement. It’s the horticultural equivalent of typing in ALL CAPS. Offset its bombast with a pot that puts it in its place and keeps it looking smart through every season.

 Bendo Products to fit: POTPLANT & GROW

SIZE: 270mmW x 240mmH x 200mmW base

• Made from powder coated spun aluminium

• Light weight and durable.

• Hole drilled in the bottom centre should you wish to pot directly into the pot and require drainage. The holes come filled with a removable plug so if you choose to keep it sealed this is also an option.

• To make watering and draining easier and to prolong the quality we suggest not to plant directly into the pot but to use as a cachepot.

• We recommend not to place directly on delicate surfaces, condensation can cause unwanted markings.

Bendo Products to fit:

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