'FLAME' Short Candle Holder

$5 $15

Attract guests like moths to a Flame. Available in a range of colours, mix it up with two Talls, two Shorts, or a Tall and a Short if that's what you're in to...


SIZE: 85mmH x 140mmW base

• Designed to fit a standard tapered candle

• Made from powder coated steel or electroplated for copper finish

• Clean with soft cloth, warm water and dishwashing detergent. Avoid using metal scourer as this may scratch the coating.

A taper candle is designed to be burned in a taper candle holder. If a taper candle is not almost perfectly STRAIGHT in the holder, you can expect it to drip.

We recommend sourcing dripless candles as this simple design does not allow for catching excess melted wax.

• Question: Why doesn't my candle fit in the holder?

A question that is continually asked and remains confusing. Simply, for a taper candle to be considered "standard" it needs to be 7/8" of an inch, at it's widest anywhere on the bottom inch of the candle. So you may need to get creative to ensure your candle fits and stands straight.

Safety: As with any candles, there's some danger involved with having an open flame in your home, so you have to safely use taper candles. Don't place them in an area where they're close to flammable decor items, likely to be knocked over, or exposed to drafts

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